Aaron Andies Chan

Aaron Andies Chan


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Chan’s collection combines style with versatility that includes warmth, comfort and functionality. It will be relevant to the fashion conscious market because the brand will incorporate seasonal trends with timelessness, functionality and versatility so the pieces can be worn for a long time. Each look is versatile, demonstrating the ability to change appearance by the use of attachments such as snaps and zippers to remove hoods or change silhouettes. The versatility includes transitioning from the winter season because of the cool colour palette.  Fabrics such as wool, leather, and other synthetics fabrics will be the majority used on the coats and jackets. Fur will be also be incorporated to keep customer warms but also gives a luxurious, fashionable feeling to the customer. These fabrications can protect from Canadian winter climates. Together, these make Chan’s pieces a unique collection for the higher end.