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Althea Swales


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Rappaccini is a line of Women’s Contemporary separates for a target market between the ages of 30-50. The collection is inspired by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story Rappaccini’s Daughter, and draws influence from the garden he describes in contrast to silhouettes inspired by medical clothing. The collection is all black with a focus on textures and prints with red floral accent pieces. The collection is designed to be sold as separates, and as a whole the options available provide a variety of diverse combinations in terms of look as well as coverage offered. The jackets and layering options will make this collection appeal to a more conservative woman, while still providing dramatic and unique pieces. The pieces from Rappaccini can be worn either as creative office wear or for more formal occasions, pieces can be dressed down or transition to formal or semi-formal events. The collection is meant to be easily integrated into the customer’s existing wardrobe and provide a range of unique basics made from high quality textiles. This will allow the collection to be worn for many seasons and supports the slow fashion mentality of many Made In Canada brands.