Anne Lamotte

Anne Lamotte


Capstone Title

Toronto: Fashion City

Description of Capstone Project

This capstone will be exploring fashion cities and the creation of fashion urban centers. By analyzing theories of urban development, branding and tourism and applying them to, fashion capitals and how they have produced their own identities over time through their history, monumental events, organizations or institutions that maintain their high status in the fashion industry . Along with their city branding or brands mythologizing iconic areas of cities. How is globalization and mass marketed brands eroding local distinction and de-urbanizing the city? Is shopping locally important to the consumer? By analyzing the creation of fashion cities, can we strengthen the Canadian fashion identity through branding both locally and internationally? Specifically looking at Toronto. An app, website and booklet are being created as a useful guide for consumers to know where to shop in specific a neighbourhood, or for what product they are looking for. By only using shops that sell a percentage of Canadian made/designed this will help promote Canada’s fashion identity.