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Bianca Bellantoni


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Bellantoni’s SS17 collection is called Crystallis, the latin word for crystals. These garments are inspired by the beauty, wonder and enticing nature crystals have on humans, whether they are intrigued by their intricate beauty, their scientific properties or their new age healing powers. Crystallis is a sustainable formalwear line that exudes asymmetrical tailored designs with an innovative embroidery technique. This collection uses a minimal waste technique through fabric scrap embroidery to emulate the natural, irregular shapes of crystals while eliminating pre-consumer waste from fabric cutting. All garments are made with GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton and peace silk, and are dyed using oxygen-based bleach and eco-certified fibre reactive dyes. In addition to this, each garment uses biodegradable buttons as opposed to conventional zippers. Crystallis provides women with an option to purchase formal attire that is made with the environment and animals in mind.