Biliana Gortchova

Biliana Gortchova


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The Muslim population has received a fair amount of backlash by the Western world especially in recent years regarding their religious views and cultural practices. Without background information, Westerners tend to look past core values of Muslim practices and generalize them in their own negative terms. These misrepresentations and unguided stereotypes are notably experienced by women of Muslim backgrounds. Many women that wear hijab, niqab, burqa, chador, and various other forms of religious dress, are forced under the category of suppressed women who are obligated to cover up in the face of male power and dominance in society. Muslim women are labeled as weak and the subordinate in their culture and the practise of the religion is viewed as unjust in the eyes of the western world. Veiled looks closely at Muslim culture, its core values, Islamic scriptures and their meanings, and the purpose of religious dress in attempt to challenge western notions on Muslim culture and women.