Carla Candela


Description of Capstone Project

In my capstone, I am focusing on the thesis of body curation. How I will be implementing this through the creative portion is by producing a book that will be exhibiting the beauty of the female body. With this book of photography, the display is also very important to the way in which I want to capture my interpreter. I will centrally display my book on either a table or a stand while having a film projected behind the display of the book. This would be a subtle compliment that would marry the entire concept together. In terms of the film that I am in the process of creating, I want it to be a slow motion silent film that has a simple conveyance. There would be one female subject in black and white. In terms of what I will be having her do, she would interact with water with a white studio background to justify the concept of sensuality and intimacy for the plutonic appreciation of the female body. I would like the projector to project this and I’m looking to edit the video to be subtle enough to compliment and entice the viewer.