Cristina Serban

Cristina Serban


Name of Collection

Mise en Scene

About the Collection

Catinca is a luxury women’s evening wear label designed by Cristina Serban. Catinca’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection, entitled Mise en Scene, explores the architecture, Romantic drama and ambiance of the renowned Parisian opera house, Palais Garnier. The lights dim, the music echoes through the grand hallways, the curtains draw, the spotlight hits the stage and the spectator transcends into an inspiring tale. Featuring historical design details such as lacing corsetry and smocking incorporated into contemporary silhouettes, Mise en Scene introduces a cast of characters from the opera house giving each outfit it’s distinct personality. Inspired by principles of costume design the collection features innovative removable pieces offering consumers a variety of styles and creative freedom in manipulating their evening wear dress for any occasion. Catinca takes inspiration from the world of theater bringing together costume design and ready to wear to a luxury high-end consumer.