Erika Raposo

Erika Raposo


Capstone Title

Confessions Of A Bridal Consultant

Description of Capstone Project

My intended capstone project for the winter term is in the form of a coffee table book that explores all topics of challenging the social norms of body image and the wedding dress industry through ‘the eyes of a wedding dress consultant’. Being a wedding dress consultant myself, my idea is to create a coffee table book – using “The World According to Karl” as inspiration – whereby the themes of body image and the industry are explored/taught through wit, wisdom and graphic design. Like Karl Lagerfeld’s cultivated, unpredictable, provocative, sometimes shocking nature, I will use the same type of wit and wisdom to expose to society through text and graphic design how trivial and ridiculous it is to create stereotypical social norms when it comes to wedding dresses. The inspirational idea of a “confessions of a bridal consultant” will be what comes to mind when developing the necessary components to complete my capstone project. The envisioned idea for the coffee table book is to explore the subject matter, including wedding dress silhouettes, weight versus wedding dresses, pre-wedding body image concerns, the “perfect” bride and so many more, through various chapters. The book will be black and white aesthetically to foreshadow the wedding whites and the black negativity society has created with its unrealistic stereotypical norms. Additionally, through the use of graphic design, illustration and typography, the book will explore the subject matter through humor and will uniquely captivate the intended audience to read more and allow consumers to differentiate my brand from others.