Irene Abigail Mejia

Mass Exodus 2016


Capstone Title

Febrina Ayala

Description of Capstone Project

The brand Febrina Ayala is a social enterprise that sells handmade leather goods. The main goal of Febrina Ayala is to bring awareness and help Mexican artisans that suffer from poor work conditions. To achieve those goals a percentage of our profits will be donated to improve the lives of Mexican Artisans and their communities. Through the brands business model and campaign, our aim is to provide high quality hand made leather goods that are trendy, functional, sophisticated and unique; while showcasing Mexican heritage and culture through our products. Therefore, the brand creates awareness of a minority social problem, in order to, change consumerism behaviours towards making a change in the world. The purpose of the brand is to test if social entereprises are good entrepreneurial ventures that benefit social problems, consumers and producers. Moreover, test whether social enterprises are actually interested in driving change or if the use of a social enterprise business plan is a form of a marketing strategy.