Jovalene Fox

Jovalene Fox


Name of Collection

Iliane by Jovalene Fox

About the Collection

Iliane by Jovalene Fox showcases the unconventional side of the luxury bridal apparel. As bridal styling is a tradition in itself, this collection explores the alternative side of wedding apparel and is targeted to appeal to the uniqueness of each individual bride.  Iliane incorporates foundations intrinsic to the wedding apparel such as fine tailoring, delicate draping, intricate detailing, and luxury fabrics. Offering an alternative choice to what already is exists in the bridal market place, Iliane is an unconventional bridal collection that juxtaposes quality fabrics such as fine silks, intricate beaded lace and timeless NAFA elite furs with the monochromatic tones reminiscent of traditional bridal standards. Finally, innovative, modern silhouettes combine the expected richness of the traditional wedding day apparel with the edgy, unique, and unexpected. Iliane builds new traditions for what bridal may be known for in the future. Iliane – A strikingly beautiful collection, tailored to each individual bride and commanding attention for such an extraordinary occasion.