Julia Anghelescu

Julia Anghelescu


Name of Collection

Dark Alter

About the Collection

Dark Alter is a collection inspired by and created for, dark alternative subcultures like: goths, rockers, metal heads, grunge kids, punks and other youth who identify with dark unique fashion. In order to make these groups feel like they can always express themselves, this collection aims to elevate the quality of design and construction for prom dresses that follow their aesthetic principles. In order to tailor the collection to their taste the garments have raw edges, customizable or removable elements (such as skirts, laces or graters), and a reversible fabric. The core value behind Dark Alter is that young women should always be able to find clothing that makes them feel beautiful, sexy and above all true to themselves.  Evening wear of high quality is very difficult to find under these styles, but with Dark Alter they will have an alternative to the traditional princess prom and evening wear dresses that would normally force them to conform to mainstream fashion.