Justine Latour

Justine Latour


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Au Natural

About the Collection

Before Christianity put down its roots through Europe, there was such a thing as an unadorned, unadulterated female nude. Indeed during the time of Ancient Greece, women’s bodies were not a thing of shame or disgust, but rather something that was celebrated in all of its glory. However, Christian beliefs dating back to the Old Testament have had a profound impact on the way that we think of ourselves, and our bodies. In today’s society, laws concerning decency and obscenity have made us to believe that female nakedness is sinful, ugly and evil.  Au Natural, a five look art-to-wear collection, hopes to dispute these common views concerning nudity, and also highlight issues of gender inequality in current censorship laws and policies. Consisting of three dimensional construction, print and transparency, Au Natural looks to exhibit the natural body in a celebratory and beautiful way, and inspire positive outlooks and opinions surrounding the female nude.