Kyrsten Abigail Bayot

Mass Exodus 2016


Collection Name

A Diamond in the Rough

About the Collection

Jack is an upcoming luxury womenswear brand that celebrates the ageless beauty. The brand provides the jack woman with feminine silhouettes and elegant surface designs done only by hand. Jack hopes to provide garments with the highest care and quality. The brand’s designs strive to mirror the jack woman’s vibrant personality and happiness. For Spring/Summer 2017, Jack celebrates the expression “a diamond in the rough” to create garments of great value. Using traditional feminine silhouettes, Jack’s garments at first appear only ordinary at first glance. Nonetheless, with time and further gaze, Jack’s exploration with floral smocking, beading and print are fully visibly. Clients gain more appreciation of the handwork and high craftsmanship given to each garment. In kind, the collection stands out as exceptional. In 2017, Jack will offer a bold and lively collection that includes blouses, tops, skirts, pants, coats and eveningwear.