Lesley Kuk

Lesley Kuk


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Lesley K

About the Collection

For fall/winter 2016, this collection of womenswear separates explores the theme of “disquiet”, inspired by Fernando Pessoa’s factless autobiography “The Book of Disquiet”, the unbridled nature of Japanese Butoh dance, and the enshrouding swathes of fabric and wool suiting used in Jannis Kounellis’s and Joseph Beuys’s most significant art pieces. These pieces explore the technique of deconstruction and feature design details such as asymmetric volumes and pleating, twisted silhouettes, as well as cut-outs. The collection explores the expressive effects of disquietude through the altered, deconstructed, and perhaps interactive components of garment design and seeks to cultivate its own discourse on the basis of the interactive relationships between the intimate self and the performative self in clothing.