Meghan Ancheta

Mass Exodus 2016


Name of Collection

Neoteric Warriors

About the Collection

Neoteric Warriors is a women’s contemporary collection with a focus on leather.  Aspiring to provide cool, and edgy clothing for women over 30.  Inspired by the Amazons who were resilient and strong, climbed mountains and traversed oceans, an analogy of the modern woman. Neoteric Warriors is an exploration of the continuing conversation of the empowerment of women and how clothing can contribute confidence and inspiration in women’s lives. This empowerment is explored through the use of leather as a statement of disruptive style and by drawing on its history of rebellion.  Leather is used in combination with other fabrications, layered on top of each other to highlight their characteristics of transparency or opacity and to distinguish the textures of the fabrics.  This collection aims to provide clothing for women who play many roles.  The goal is to create fashion that is distinctive, and expressive while maintaining the specific social and professional needs of this woman.