Michael Zoffranieri

Michael Zoffranieri


Name of Collection

ZOFF Bridal 2017 “INFIORE”

About the Collection

This is a bridal collection focused on providing garments for a mature woman on her special day. Her maturity is not exactly age, but in taste level: she is looking for a tailored look with handwork. The ZOFF Bride is looking to be comfortable and well put together for her intimate gathering. Her ceremony is about her and her partner, and is a celebration of their love. She wants garments that give her personality. This collection will feature separates like a pant suit, and a jumpsuit, as well as a a few skirt and dress options. Through the use of hand embroidery, fine silks, and superb tailoring, ZOFF will provide it’s bride with a fresh approach to bridal: anything but the “cupcake dress.”