Mitchell Heyens

Mitchell Heyens


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Brothers is a rustic contemporary men’s luxury collection of separates and outerwear being designed for FW 2016. These garments draw upon a stalwart aesthetic of craftsmanship, grit, and brotherhood to produce a traditional expression of masculinity. The primary inspiration for this collection is the village blacksmith as a citizen and as a worker. The discipline, strength, and entrepreneurial spirit demanded by this occupation resonates strongly through the styling of these garments and is in tune with the desired character of the target consumer. Brothers is brand aiming to provide luxury casual wear to men who would like to present an understated yet unapologetic expression of their character and ability. This collection will be realized using cashmeres, furs, leathers, wools, and other organic fibers. Texture is a primary component of the Brothers aesthetic. Leather weaving, woolen fibers, fur techniques, and cast iron trimmings are components of this collection that will ensure a truly tactile experience of luxury. Brothers is a brand taking a strong departure from the typical aristocratic aesthetic of luxury goods and is providing men who know the value their life’s work a means dress the part.