Molly McAlea

Molly McAlea


Name of Collection

Seven Sisters

About the Collection

“As Above, So Below” is Seven Sisters’ inaugural collection for F/W 2015/16. It is a plus size women’s daywear collection comprised of separates and some outerwear. To achieve a moody look and sleek silhouette while edging around the parameters of plus size fashion requires careful planning. All design decisions aim to flatter the wearer, while simultaneously offering her an alternative to the meagre choices currently available in the plus size market. One way this is achieved is by using high quality materials. Some fabrics in this collection include boiled wool, silk, crepe, and wool/ nylon blends with touches of fur an Mongolian lamb. The aesthetic is tenebrous and feminine, with a colour palette perfect for the depth of Winter in its classical simplicity.   Featured colours are mostly dark, ranging from black and charcoal grey, to maroon and forest green. To keep this gothic aesthetic modern, the collection has clean lines and little surface ornamentation.