Natasha Mawji

Natasha Mawji


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MAWJI is a semi-formal menswear line for the high-end Canadian market. The purpose of this collection is to explore the variety of styles men, aged 25-45, can wear to events, parties and semi-formal occasions besides the traditional suit. Intended for Fall 2016/2017, this luxurious collection is designed to feel relaxed and comfortable on the body. A very tailored and slim cut is achieved throughout each outfit. Elastic waists and open over pieces showcase a user-centred approach to design. Comfort, fit and fashion are harmonized. Muted colour tones and formal elements are played up with fun patterns such as the sheer flocked dress shirt and paisley embroidered skirt. These bold pattern choices push the boundaries of what masculinity means in fashion to the modern man.  Each piece is designed to be versatile within the collection or stand out alone. MAWJI demonstrates traditional South Asian silhouettes but the fabric choices, colours and cuts make it very modern.