Nina Boschman

Nina Boschman


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Not Found

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Not Found is a contemporary women’s wear collection for spring/summer 2016. This collection was made for working women who travel frequently, and are looking to purchase garments that can fit into their work, travel, and casual wardrobes. The collection aims to incorporate growing trends in preferences for natural fibres, artisanal elements as value in commodities, and the growing accessibility of travel, while still retaining a strong femininity and elegance. The collection uses mainly natural fibres, raw silk, linen and cotton, alongside the new eco friendly fibre, Tencel, to combine the traditional luxury and beauty of natural textiles with the innovations of the eco-movement. Bright whites, creamy pearls and stoney greys are used in contrast with burnt tangerine colours to create a continuous, yet bright and fresh palette. Not Found also incorporates hand marble dying throughout the collection in select pieces as a one of a kind, artisanal element. The final dying process was done with carrageenan, a thickening agent derived from seaweed, rather than chemical marble dying bases. Carrageenan lends the final dye product a soft, cloudy quality that mimics the feminine airiness of the collection. Natural textiles aim to take back their place as suitable travel wear as the collection embraces natural textures, while considering the inherent wicking, uv protectant and antimicrobial properties of linen, the comfort and absorption properties of cotton, and the light weight luxury of silk. These textiles are combined with design elements such as drawstrings for easy wear and hidden pockets.