Stephania Stefanakou

Stephania Stefanakou


Capstone Title

The Future of Wearable Technology

Description of Capstone Project

My capstone will focus on Wearable Technology and will research how fashion that incorporates technology can improve a woman’s confidence, thus becoming a more intrinsic part of her life. The main issue at hand is that although technologically advanced, wearable technology doesn’t meet the requirements of women, due to the industry not fully understanding what they are. By combining Lamb’s and Kallal’s framework with Adam’s and Galinsky’s framework on “enclothed cognition” I believe that I will be able to design a dress that meets all the requirements of women. Furthermore, by showcasing wearable technology with a shirt incorporating Lamb’s and Kallal’s framework women will gain a greater sense of appreciation for wearable technology thus fulfilling Adam’s and Galinsky’s framework on “enclothed cognition”. The shirt will be designed to change form depending on the environment the wearer is in. It will be designed to work in this fashion to bring a closer relationship between the woman wearing the shirt and the shirt itself. By giving the shirt the ability to adapt to changing environments, it will keep the user comfortable without requiring input from the wearer. By using 3D printing, shape memory materials and user-centered design the shirt will shape shift and take different forms.