Tessa Hall

Tessa Hall


Capstone Title

History Through the Hollywood Lense

Description of Capstone Project

My capstone looks to explore how when costumes for film and television are historically inaccurate it is generally to sexualize women’s costumes and often alter men’s costume to fit the heteronormative ideal of the 21st century. Often when we view historical costume on screen creative liberations have been made in order to present characters in the way we prefer to view both sexes resulting with the cost of losing historical accuracy of the period. The goal of my capstone is to determine what measures are necessary in order to make costumes resonate with an audience without losing a substantial amount of authenticity. The purpose of this study is to discover if there is a way to effectively communicate and please an audience with true historical accuracy in costume or at what level is it possible to achieve both? Now that we are in a postmodern time there has never been such a variety of examples and perspectives to take on this subject.