Yen Ho

Yen Ho


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Discovering Silence

About the Collection

Discovering Silence collection is a line of athletic-wear that caters to petite women.  It consists of five looks for spring/summer 2016. The collection is about the usage of clean lines and details to highlight the basics and keep the pieces timeless. The garments are designed to last and be worn repeatedly without degrading the quality; an essential when working out. The colours and the fabrication of each individual look entices a fresh feeling to athletic-wear as it provides feminine styles and colours that ranges from light rosy peaches and icy blues to classics of black, white and grey.   The fabrics accommodate for movement while remaining light and breathable for the support and comfort of the body which is ideal for performance. The fabrics retain form as well as possess anti-bacterial qualities and moisture wicking abilities so that sweat is not retained during the work out.